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Game Attic | Kaneco Innovations

Game Attic

Game Attic has been a project for ours for the last three years, the Gameattic.com brand covers all the video genre. We have devolved this as a blog format website with multiple writers. Currently we have five writers on staff always updating the content, to stay updated on all the new gaming software and products. The site is focused on the fun aspects of gaming and not entrenched on giving reviews. We have found that most video game sites focus on doing a review and we have concluded they are too close to the developer and always give certain developers biased reviews.  To stay away from this we don’t review games on a weekly basis and if we do it is harsh to say the least as we hold nothing back!

Gameattic will continue to be a large part of the Kaneco Innovations brand and we hope it inspires all the gamers out there!

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