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Kaneco Innovations - Web Design, Affiliate Marketing, Domains, SEO Consulting

Upcoming Releases


Launching shortly is the new Kaneco Innovation Ihear.net. The site is being developed as a user content generated rumor site. All genres will be explored and no rumor is too harsh. The site will include a rating system and allow comments by people to prove the original poster wrong or back up their claim. Look for this to launch … [Other Projects...]

Yard Sales

The Yard Sale project has been a ongoing project of ours that has went on for the last couple off years it has been met with delays and now we are looking for soft launches over the next couple of months and a full release in the spring 2011.  We will be launching in over 100 cities initially and which will allow everyone to post their yard sales … [Read More...]


Preaches.org is a community based blogging site for preachers, priests and churches. We have found blogspot is used a lot for religious blogging and a more niche site developed just for those in the religious community would better serve them. This being built through Wordpress which allows a person to log in and create their own blog very easily. … [Read More...]

Featured Websites

Game Attic

Game Attic has been a project for ours for the last three years, the Gameattic.com brand covers all the video genre. We have devolved this as a blog format website with multiple writers. Currently we have five writers on staff always updating the content, to stay updated on all the new gaming software and products. The site is focused on the fun … [Read More...]


Bazle.com is a new affiliate marketing, blog I have created that showcases many of the strategies and techniques that I use to make money online.  This is one of the first blogs that I will be starting that really focus on my teaching techniques and will be a lot of fun. Look for more to come out of Bazle. … [Read More...]

Innovative Domains


A large part of Kaneco Innovations is the buying and selling of domains. We currently have a a large selection of domains for sale, here are just a few. Please let us know what domains you need or want for your business and we can check out availability or find out how how much it would cost to acquire said domain. … [Read More...]

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